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Registration Open: The Insulation Installers Training Course

A free online course for insulation installers in Ontario.

The online Insulation Installers Course provides you with the background knowledge and skills required to install common residential insulation products in a safe and effective manner based on the most up to date building science principles behind the Ontario Building Code.

The course consists of 3 modules which cover the following:

  • Module 1.1: Building Science Part 1
  • Module 1.2: Building Science Part 2
  • Module 1.3: Materials, Tools, and Equipment
  • Module 2.1: Building Code Requirements
  • Module 2.2: Control Layers / Barrier Systems
  • Module 2.3: Installation Preparation
  • Module 2.4: Installation Process
  • Module 3.0: Conclusion and Overview

This course is delivered online through a modern, interactive, and self-paced learning program that will be useful for anyone in the insulation business, including: on site insulation installers, insulation supervisors or owners, carpenters, home inspectors, building inspectors, architects/designers, and renovators.

Important Note: To participate in the Green Ontario Fund rebates for insulation and air sealing you will need to provide evidence of completion of this Insulation and Air Sealing training program within 30 days of registration for the GreenON Rebates Program.

For more details on the GreenON rebates please visit

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