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Registration Open: The Insulation Installers Training Course

A free online course for insulation installers in participating provinces.

The online Insulation Installers Course provides you with the background knowledge and skills required to install common residential insulation products in a safe and effective manner based on the most up to date building science principles behind the Building Codes in participating provinces.

The course consists of 3 modules which cover the following:

  • Module 1.1: Building Science Part 1
  • Module 1.2: Building Science Part 2
  • Module 1.3: Materials, Tools, and Equipment
  • Module 2.1: Building Code Requirements
  • Module 2.2: Control Layers / Barrier Systems
  • Module 2.3: Installation Preparation
  • Module 2.4: Installation Process
  • Module 3.0: Conclusion and Overview

This course is delivered online through a modern, interactive, and self-paced learning program that will be useful for anyone in the insulation business, including: on site insulation installers, insulation supervisors or owners, carpenters, home inspectors, building inspectors, architects/designers, and renovators.

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Notice: The Course has been moved to a new location!

All contractors can now signup for the insulation training program at A portal dedicated to professionals with everything insulation and air sealing.